Revenue Cycle Academy

BVH Revenue Cycle Academy

We are a Revenue Cycle Academy that is designed for the approach of working in the Hospital and Physicians business office, with the technological, and ever-changing industry of Healthcare Revenue Cycle. We will be the preeminent intellectual and creative center for effective engagement in a world that increasingly demands better services, communication, systems and organizations to meet the health needs of today’s world.

Our vision aligns with shifts in the environment, which animates our mission and our values:

  • Creativity, innovation and a desire to challenge the status quo will affect what and how we teach and the intellectual ambitions of the Revenue Cycle Academy itself.
  • Social engagement should orient students’ academic experiences to help them become critically engaged citizens, dedicated to solving problems and contributing to the public needs.

BVH Revenue Cycle Academy’s Mission

Boa Vida Healthcare Revenue Cycle Academy’s mission is to prepare students for success in a rapidly changing healthcare environment with skills and competencies essential for leadership in the emerging field of the Healthcare Revenue Cycle. We are a proven authority in lead-generating, practical & theoretical knowledge and improving conditions in hospitals and physicians’ offices.

Your Future is Now!

Bright career prospects have created a high demand for Revenue Cycle Management Programs in the USA. A career in the medical revenue cycle requires a blend of medical coding knowledge with the ability to operate relevant software. This creates an entry barrier, but thankfully, Boa Vida Revenue Cycle Academy’s Revenue Cycle Management Certification Program provides aspirants’ required educational platform.

Enroll Now!

Our Revenue Cycle Academy will train you for your new career or take your career to the next level!

    Skilled Instructors

    • Ronald Goforth
    • Nicole Retherford
    • Brittany Bradd

    With over 50 years of experience, our instructors engage in best practices including billing, collections, payments and daily operations of the revenue cycle.

    Remote Learning

    Stay safe and learn during challenging times! Social distancing is not a factor in advancing your career with our Revenue Cycle Management program!

    24/7 Course Access

    Access your required courses online. Learn while you work! Our program is a great way to get ahead and earn a certification in your current industry!

    Online Course Program

    Full online learning course program. Learn what it takes to run a complete Healthcare Revenue Cycle right from your own home!

    Revenue Cycle Management Training

    Hands-on Revenue Cycle instructors with over 50 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry. Administrators from hospitals, physicians and clinic offices will guide you through your course work!

    Billing Management

    A well-trained medical coder can be an asset with a direct bearing on a healthcare institution’s or physician’s bottom line.

    Claims Auditing

    Technology is great, but it takes real people with experience to perform a complete healthcare audit that can recover overpayments.

    Revenue Integrity

    Be the boss! Coordinate with administrative and clinical operations staff to ensure that accounts have the correct coding, billing, payment & charge captures.

    Denial Management

    Don’t disrupt your staff’s workflow! Find better ways to get your practice paid by overcoming reimbursement claim denials.

    Train for your future with a possible career in the Revenue Cycle:

    • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Denial Management
    • Billing Manger
    • Revenue Integrity
    • Claims Auditor

    These are just a few areas of focus in the Revenue Cycle Department of Healthcare! Get your new career started today!