Integra Compliance Consultants

Our mission is to help clients build and deploy a corporate compliance program and culture that demonstrates ethical practices and exemplary corporate citizenship.  Our ethos is that compliance functions as partner in the first line of defense, protecting business continuity, operational services lines, and revenue streams in a complex and fluid regulatory environment.

Integra meets clients wherever they reside on the compliance continuum, from organizations that are in the initial stages of developing a risk management program to those with mature compliance management strategies that have identified emergent needs.

Integra offers an array of resources to support clients in their endeavor to execute business operations in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations, professional codes of conduct, and best practices of industry standards.

Industries are required to follow state and federal laws and standards set forth by oversight authorities. Non-compliance is not only costly, it is also potentially disruptive to business operations. An effective compliance program will safeguard your company’s reputation, giving you an edge in competitive business markets.

Compliance Program administration consistent with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (“CMS”) and Department of Justice (“DOJ”) Program guidelines.

• Compliance Director Services

• Educational Meetings

• Compliance Audits

• Regulatory/Program analysis review

• Risk Assessments

• Gap Analysis

• Strategic Planning

• Building Effective Compliance Teams

• Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Compliance Effectiveness

• Compliance Investigations

• Compliance Hotline administration

• Policy, Procedures and Governance

• Privacy Officer Services

• Risk assessments

• Breach mitigation & reporting

• Education and Training

• Behavioral Health and 42 CFR Part 2

• Information Security & HITECH

• Policy, Procedures and Governance