BVH Management Services

BVH Management Services

When a hospital or clinic needs complete management services, Boa Vida Management Services works directly with the board to:

  • Place hospital CEO and other executives as needed
  • Oversee day-to-day hospital operations and educate staff
  • Conduct an operational assessment to identify opportunities for operational, financial and clinical improvement
  • Facilitate the development of a strategic business and hospital financial services and operations plan for the hospital and overseeing its implementation

Merger and Acquisition Strategies

When acquisition makes sense for the hospital’s objectives and matches Boa Vida’s investment strategy, our team has the capability and access to capital if required. We offer a variety of partnership options, including traditional acquisition and lease models.

Hospital Management

A multi-disciplinary approach is essential in the field of healthcare administration. Some of the duties of these healthcare leaders include:

  • Strategic planning of operations management within the respective facility or entity responsible for healthcare services
  • Formulation of master budgets and budgetary allocations
  • Introduction of productivity measures in the workplace
  • Revenue cycle management assessment
  • Management of outsourced business services and communication with third parties or service providers
  • Management and introduction of technological updates like the use of new software for departments and clinical services
  • Human resource management
  • Design and maintenance of a compliance program to ensure that facilities maintain proper accreditation
  • Emergency plan for adverse events and unforeseen circumstances
  • Informing about new regulations and providing training, if necessary
  • Communication policies and procedures to staff, caregivers and providers
  • Work with the board through routine meetings and communications