Ronald Williams

Behavioral Health

Knowledge of and experience in budgeting and reconciliation of client resources; writing and revising policies; developing and implementing processes and services; generating reports; auditing; quality control; and providing clinical supervision, training, and management to line staff and supervisors. Knowledge of human resource practices and regulations, including recruiting, union laws, and staff termination. Experienced in establishing and encouraging teamwork, which leads to improved staff morale and a positive work environment. Experience in quickly obtaining resources to support client, staff, and office needs.

Professional Skills: Knowledge of and experience in clinical supervision, group facilitation, individual counseling, and client assessment. Over twenty years of experience with working with the homeless, mentally ill and substance abuse adolescent populations.

  • Master of Science Degree in Human Services Counseling
  • Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor
  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor since 1996
  • Twenty-four years of experience working with adult and children in group and individual therapy, case management, crisis intervention, and working with the homeless
  • Eighteen years of experience in staff management, clinical supervision, and overseeing and developing programs and services
  • Fifteen years of experience in conducting staff training on case management and substance abuse and mental health issues
  • Three years’ experience in conducting audits and quality control for recordkeeping and service plans
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Certification in CPR, first aid, and non-physical restraint techniques instructor